Root Root Canal Treatment Prices

Canal treatment is a method used to treat a dying and inflamed tooth. If you have a root canal treatment job, your tooth's life will be It's too late to prolong it. In this case, your tooth is infected and now needs to be extracted.

After the tooth is extracted, that part remains empty. It is necessary to fill the empty space with an artificial tooth. So in this case, it is necessary to use an implant. If root canal treatment is performed instead of the implant, it is necessary to keep and use your old tooth, even if it is dead. You can also use a deformed tooth only for needs such as eating and talking.

The tooth that has had root canal treatment is more fragile than other teeth. Exterior and interior become more sensitive to factors. For this reason, the tooth that has had root canal treatment then has to see the second treatment. Thus, the deformed tissue in the tooth during the treatment is also protected with a hard coating. It also preserves the structure of the tooth.

How Is Root Canal Treatment Performed?

After the dentist looks at the condition of your tooth and recommends root canal treatment, treatment is started and the session is determined and treated according to the condition of the tooth. First, the painful tooth is anesthetized and you never; treated without feeling anything. If there is a cavity, it is cleaned and the area where the nerves of the tooth are is reached. Radiography is taken and the area where root canal treatment will be performed is examined. Deep cleaning is done by removing the root canals. Root canals are shaped using hand tools.

The root canals are purified from bacteria and the canals are filled with a compatible material thanks to the surrounding tissues. Treatment usually varies according to the condition of the tooth. Thanks to the transaction, prices also change in this sense.

When the tooth is not alive and there is inflammation at the root tip, certain drugs are applied to the root canals to destroy these bacteria. In order for these drugs to show their full effect, they must remain in the canals for 7 days. In cases of severe inflammation, the doctor takes the drug orally;

After the treatment, mild pain and sensitivity may occur in the tooth. This situation passes after a certain time. It will be healthier not to use the treated tooth for a while.