Implant Top Prostheses

Implant-top for prostheses made with support from implants instead of natural teeth; are called prostheses.

Above Implant; fixed prostheses: Crowns or bridges made with support from one or more implants, used as fixed by sticking or screwing; are prostheses. Especially a few; It is placed in the missing area in tooth deficiencies and prevents the neighboring healthy teeth from being damaged. These prostheses can be made of metal ceramic or zirconium.

Above Implant; removable prostheses: Above Implant; Removable prostheses are a form of treatment with 2, 3 or 4 implants placed in the jawbone in complete edentulousness. These prostheses are prostheses supported by both implants and tissues. With fewer implants in highly resorbed jaw bones, it eliminates the problem of dislocation of removable prostheses in particular.

Hybrid prostheses: The rapid development in implant technology and the widespread use of implant treatment have provided the comfort of converting to fixed prosthesis for patients using removable prosthesis. With these implant-supported prostheses, called hybrid prostheses, prostheses that patients can use more comfortably are made. Hybrid prostheses are prostheses that cannot be removed by the patient, but can be removed by the physician when necessary.